Brand history

                                            PROVOCATIVE - ukrainian clothing brand .

            It all started with a dream. We had a dream - to create their own business and achieve unlimited success in business .

               PROVOCATIVE story begins in 2004, when it was quite unknown designer Vitaliy Tsalko presented his first menswear collection .

               Why PROVOCATIVE, you ask? In english the "provocative" is seductive, provocative, challenging and vozbuzhdayuschiy.Iskhodya of this we are determined to create clothes that will at the same time calling and seductive, provocative and at the same time stilnoy.Odnim word we will create a clothes for you in which you will be comfortable and will always feel at altitude.

               Noting the new 2005 in Lviv with friends, flipping through fashion magazines , in the head and got the idea of the name originated and kompanii.PROVOCATIVE in 2010 was registered as a trademark znak.Tolko to the time when we became recognizable and popular in market , "PROVOCATIVE" has become a brand .                                                                                                                                                                                      In 2007, we opened a small studio fashion on the streets of the old town of Ivano- Frankovska.So time production began in 2011 to recruit oboroty.S company regularly exhibits his collection , he took part in fashion shows .

               PROVOCATIVE should not just fashion, but anticipates and provides for her , forming the most popular tendentsii.Byt stylish , personalize help a reliable guide to the world of fashion - PROVOCATIVE.